BillKOREAthe largest billing service platform in Korea

Introduction of e-Notice Service
Bill Korea ( is an electronic bill presenting & payment (EBPP) site provided by NURI Bill Various billing charges through various billing agencies affiliated with electronic notification services such as electricity bill (KEPCO), city gas bill (Samcheon-ri, Yesco, Kiturami energy, marine energy, Seorabal, Mirae’N Seohae), airport bill (Korea Airport Corporation). It is the largest integrated billing service platform in Korea to provide convenient management in one place.

In order to eliminate the inconvenience of accessing the postal bills or billing agency sites that you have used; we have provided free integrated billing management and billing consulting for billings affiliated with NURI Bill.

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NURI Bill Electronic Notice Service Features

Integrated ManagementService by combining multiple Billings in one placeProvides email-based integrated management service that eliminates the hassle of checking bills separately for each institution

Fee reduction consultingFree charge management and fee reduction consultingFree consulting service to reduce rates through comparison statistics on electricity, gas, water rates, etc.

Internet bill paymentPayment can be made immediately after checking the feeFor non-direct debit customers, payment service is provided so that payment can be made directly through electronic means.

Rate discount benefitRate discount offeredIn the case of the electricity bill, a discount of 200 won is provided in addition to the 1% discount per month of direct debit.

Strict Personal Information ManagementProven security technologySocial security number is not required when you sign up and manage your personal information safely through a proven security program.

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How to use Bill Korea service

Check your billing institutionFind out which billing agency is servicing Bill Korea.
You can use BillKorea’s services by applying for the e-notice service as a billing agency affiliated with BillKorea, or by signing up and registering for BillKorea.
BillKorea will endeavor to cooperate with various billing agencies so that multiple charges can be managed in one place.

Sign up for serviceYou can use NURI Bill’s electronic notice payment service through simple membership registration that does not require a social security number. Select the individual, corporation, government office, and foreign customers from the service homepage, and enter the membership registration information correctly.
Go to service homepage

Service RegistrationSelect the billing institution you want to use from the current billing rate and enter the information to complete the service registration.

Billing fee inquiry, fee payment, rate reduction consultingWe will send you an invoice between 7-10 days of delivery based on your email address or an email address issued by BillKorea. You can check the payment history and statistic data for 5 years by accessing the homepage. You can also use the rate reduction consulting service free of charge.

Invoice ShipmentWe will send you an invoice within 10 to 7 days from the delivery date.