Label production and attachment

There are various types of making depending on the size, material, attachment method, and failure reporting method.
The label design will be made after designing and finalizing the draft after consultation with the person in charge.

Main design and specification

Installation and attachmentApply silicone firmly to prevent falling by applying or band bonding. The labeling method is determined by considering each local government situation.

Total Survey

Enter the information in the field using a dedicated app (APP). (Additional investigation items can be added after consultation)
It is automatically linked with the road lighting management system to utilize the basic data of history management.

Security light location registration screenBefore registration

Map Location and Management RegisterAfter Registration

Electricity bill report(KEPCO’s electricity bill rental business)

A meter-lined lightContract power adequacy analysis and adjustment report

Calculate the appropriate contract power for the facility after a full inspection

Contract power calculation based on monthly peak usage over the recent year

Calculating final proper contract power in consideration of the two appropriate contract powers

Expect to reduce electricity rate (base rate) through KEPCO

Meterless flat rate lightRe-report 1 customer number per week

Terminate existing customer numbers and report back to KEPCO based on the current status

Expect to reduce electricity charges (power charge + billing discount + automatic transfer discount) through actualizing the current electric charge.